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SferiSense helps protect helicopters from collision


Why choose SferiSense?
  • Significantly increased flight safety and extended operational use
  • Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT)
  • Automatic avoidance of obstacles
  • Low false alarm rate: gives warning but only for the most threatening obstacles.

SferiSense® is a laser-based system for protecting helicopters from collision with almost invisible obstacles, such as thin wires.

SferiSense can detect any obstacle or dangerous terrain, with a detection probability of more than 99.5% per second. This is especially helpful during low-level flight manoeuvres.

Detected objects, which are classified in real-time according to their risk level and type (e.g. wire, tree or pole), are displayed as different symbols on the helmet-mounted display or head-down display. A helmet-mounted display (HMD) allows the pilot to keep his eyes focused outside the helicopter.

sferisense2SferiSense has a low false alarm rate. It senses an obstacle in the distance, but if it’s not a threat, it gives no warning. But as soon as it starts looking like an obstacle to hit, pilot will get the warning.

Use SferiSense for:

  • Detecting, classifying and displaying environmental information such as obstacles, terrain and wires.
  • Warning pilots of barely visible obstacles on the flight path

For more information about SferiSense, please email to sferion@airbus.com