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SferiRec - Flight and mission data recording and management

Why choose SferiRec?
  • Introduces all tactical and mission data into the helicopter, stores it during the flight.y
  • Helps analyse mission success and plan new missions
  • Deployable crash survival unit. Easy to pick up for investigation.
  • Comprehensive family of data acquisition units and recorders which can fit every customer needs

SferiRec® comprises devices for flight and mission data recording and data transfer which are indispensable for post-mission analysis and mission planning.

The SferiRec family provides the interface between aircraft and ground station for both mission data upload and mission and maintenance data download.


The flight and voice data recorded are securely stored on crash survival units that meet the latest standards such as ED-112 or ED-155.

The crash survival units come in two variants: fixed-installed and deployable. In case of an accident, the deployable and floatable unit is released from the aircraft and can be easily picked up for investigation.

The SferiRec family also includes the required support equipment for conducting investigations as well as comprehensive flight data analysis.

Use SferiRec for:

  • Recording, transferring and analysing flight and mission data (for post-mission analysis and mission planning)

For more information about SferiRec, please email to sferion@airbus.com