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Sferion – Situational awareness system


Why choose Sferion?
  • Helps ensure mission success
  • Safety for helicopter pilots
  • Helps minimise pilot’s workload: provides environmental, spatial and tactical awareness across the complete mission
  • Scalable. Scalability of solution according to customer need.
  • Can be fitted into a variety of helicopter types and makes.

Sferion® is a situational awareness solution for both military and civil helicopters flying in DVE (degraded visual environment) conditions.

It provides the necessary information to support pilots during their entire mission, under all conditions. Developed to ensure safe helicopter flights.

Read the white paper
describing how Sferion can help solve the problem of flying in DVE – in brown-out, white-out and zero-light conditions (PDF file, 4 MB).

Choose your Sferion component:

SferiAdvise for the crews of helicopters and aircraft, for dealing with complex navigational and mission management tasks.

SferiSense: Laser-based system that protects helicopters from colliding with almost invisible obstacles, such as thin wires, single trees or poles. Helps eliminate cable threat.

SferiAssist: Pilot assistance in degraded visual environments (DVE) during all flight phases – night, fog, brown-out, white-out.

SferiRec: Flight and mission data recording, transfer and analysis.

The smart choice

Sferion is the smart choice for organisations on the look-out for value for money. It goes far beyond providing just a simple overview of the situation. When you have complete and real-time information in use, you can make the right decisions to secure your mission.

Sferion is a scalable solution. You can start with a single subsystem and expand from there, each element covering critical tasks of mission management.