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SferiAssist - Pilot assistance for DVE conditions

Why choose SferiAssist?
  • Improves mission effectiveness and flight safety at low altitude or in poor visibility
  • Helps ensure safe take-offs/landings in unknown environment and in DVE
  • Automatic flight, approach and landing capability in DVE
  • Gives the pilot needed information to make decisions regarding the aircraft

SferiAssist® assists the pilot in degraded visual environments (DVE) – night, fog, brown-out, white-out. It can be a life-saver for a pilot who suddenly has zero visibility while taking off, landing or just flying close to the ground.

SferiAssist retrieves relevant information from the on-board database, data link and sensors. A reliable real-time fusion of all available information provides the basis for creating visual cues for the pilot.

SferiAssist combines take-off and landing visualisation with 3D conformal symbology, providing information on terrain, obstacles, navigation and tactical considerations. SferiAssist therefore fuses SferiSense real-time 3D sensor information with the on-board database information.

SferiAssist is capable of being coupled with the flight management system to allow automatic flight, approach and landing in DVE.

Use SferiAssist for:

  • Providing situational awareness in unknown environment and in DVE conditions
  • Operating at lower altitudes

For more information about SferiAssist, please email to sferion@airbus.com