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Telecommunications Satellites

Telecommunications Satellites
Airbus Defence and Space is a world leader in communications satellites

Providing its customers, including the world’s top operators, with tailored solutions for the full range of capabilities and missions, Airbus Defence and Space is a global player in the design and manufacture of exceptionally reliable, high performance telecommunications satellites.

104Geo Satellites delivered
55Geo Satellites currently in operation
7World's Top Operators served
No Eurostar Satelliteslost in Orbit

Eurostar Series

A product of choice with major operators worldwide, the Eurostar Series of high performance communications satellites is suited to all communications missions, is compatible with the whole range of launch vehicles and is the benchmark in the industry for in-orbit reliability.

Leading the race in Flexible Payload products

From frequency/bandwith to power allocation and coverage, Airbus Defence and Space payload products offer flexibility in all domains to satisfy the customers' applications and business needs.

- Eutelsat 172B

- SES-12 / SES-14

Electric Propulsion Satellites

Electric propulsion makes it possible to reduce the mass of satellites, leading to lower launch costs for a given mission and/or a more capable satellite for a given mass.


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SKY Brasil-1 (SKYB-1) shipped to launch site

The SKYB-1 telecommunications satellite left the Airbus Defence and Space facilities in Toulouse, France, and has been transported to Kourou, French Guiana. The satellite is due to be launched by Ariane 5 in the coming weeks.

Based on Airbus Defence and Space’s highly-reliable Eurostar E3000 platform, SKYB-1 will have a launch mass of 6,000kg, spacecraft power of 16 kW and a design life of more than 15 years. It is the 44th Eurostar E3000-based spacecraft built by Airbus Defence and Space.

Low-Earth Orbit Products: Constellations

Building hundreds of satellites for large constellations (900 satellites to be produced for OneWeb) requires totally new approaches. From satellite design-to-cost, production of equipment and satellite assembly, integration and testing, this means a revolution in space design and manufacturing. Airbus Defence and Space is innovating in all fields to tackle this unprecedented industrial challenge in the space industry.

Secure Communications systems for government users

Supplier of the French Ministry of Defence for its next generation milsatcom system, Airbus Defence and Space has also been selected by a number of countries throughout the globe to provide their Military Space Telecommunications assets.

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Satellite Telecommunication missions and applications

Satellites privileged position up in orbit means that they can deliver a whole host of applications, without borders and without blind spots.

Satellites provide the connectivity we need, to keep us in touch, to keep us informed, to keep us entertained – and, in emergency situations, to keep us safe.

Hosted Payloads: Capabilities and Opportunities

Sharing access to space offers large cost reductions for both payload customer and hosting spacecraft operator.

Airbus Defence and Space has considerable expertise in this field, having worked on more than 20 hosted payloads over the two last decades, for commercial and institutional users, civil and military missions. This encompasses a wide range of applications and service requirements for operation in LEO as well as in GEO.

How does a Telecommunications Satellite work?

How do the signals travel? How are frequency bands chosen? What’s special about geostationary orbit?

A communications satellite works like a relay station: signals transmitted by the ground stations are picked up by the satellite’s receiver antennas, the signals are filtered, their frequency changed and amplified, and then routed via the transmit antennas back down to Earth.