Capacity Building

Capacity Building
More than "just" satellites

For more than a decade, customers around the World have appreciated close and long-lasting partnerships with Airbus Defence and Space. The company offers comprehensive solutions going far beyond “just” satellites. With their satellite system from Airbus Defence and Space, customers tap into an extensive repository of capacity building options, ranging from full in-orbit delivery to satellite data storage solutions.

Our Range of Comprehensive Solutions


- Satellite control: Complete ground segment and related infrastructure

- Direct Receiving Stations (DRS) to receive data form one or several satellites

- Satellite data storage, management, access and distribution solutions

- Automated Data Processing Tools

- Complete AIT-Centres (necessary infrastructure to enable in-country assembly, integration and testing failure)

Fully configurableCapacity Building Programmes
Over 1,000 participantssince 1991
Preferred supplierabout know-how and technology transfer
25 countriesachieved our Programmes


- Satellites operations

- Academic training on space technology

- On-the-job training throughout satellite development and validation steps

- Training on satellite image processing and remote sensing applications


- Imagery services through our own Earth Observation constellation

- Launch services, related insurances and early In-Orbit operations

- Hotline support and maintenance throughout the satellite's lifetime