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Earth Observation Satellites


Offering the most comprehensive range of EO satellite systems on the market today, Airbus Defence and Space is able to provide the right satellite for every customer – whether they need a weather-independent data source, high-frequency revisits, very-high-resolution imagery or even all of the above (and more) in a single system.

We are a preferred supplier of European institutions and national space agencies, regularly working as prime contractor for Earth observation and meteorology missions of the European Space Agency, the European Commission and national Space agencies of e.g. France, Germany and Spain. Read more here.

With more than 30 years of experience and twelve programmes in place; we are also the World’s #1 supplier of Earth observation systems for international customers.

A Comprehensive Portfolio

AstroBus-XS is a modernized and enhanced version of the very successful Myriade-based satellite family. A highly agile and flexible system, it features an extended swath, an increased image size and the capacity to acquire three times more images daily. Combined with a space-proven technological concept, this makes AstroBus-XS clearly the best solution in its class today.

AstroBus-S. This latest generation of Earth observation satellites for very-high resolution (VHR) applications combines the advantages of a low-mass system with the strong performance of a larger platform. As a follow-on design to numerous satellites successfully in operation today, this brand-new satellite is a highly attractive option.

Xpress. This highly effective – yet very affordable – synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite system is particularly suitable for surveillance applications in a constellation concept. Featuring very-high resolution and large-area coverage capacities, this system excels in performance for intelligence and surveillance applications.

AstroBus-L. This flight-proven satellite system features an extremely high performance for an unrivalled Earth observation capability, successfully demonstrated today in a number of top-of-the-class Earth observation missions, including the Pléiades satellite twins, operated by Airbus Defence and Space and Airbus Defence and Space’s own SPOT 6 and the SPOT 7 satellite.

TerraSAR-X NG. A next-generation development based on the globally renowned TerraSAR-X mission, this space radar features fully optimized SAR-characteristics. It combines maximized imaging performance and best area coverage at comparably low cost-per-image, making it today’s leading radar satellite system.

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More than “just” satellites. With their satellite system from Airbus Defence and Space, customers tap into an extensive repository of capacity building options, ranging from full in-orbit delivery to satellite data storage solutions. More…