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Air Services, Maintenance and Repair and Overhaul


More than 35 Years of Great Worldwide Success Offering Services Tailored to the Customer

  • Airbus Defence and Space has Customer Service Presence on five continents.
  • It provides all resources needed to accomplish the mission.
  • It is constantly developing new skills to meet the most demanding training requirements.
  • Airbus Defence and Space offers an unequaled MRO, Maintenance Engineering and Fleet Management Services.
  • An international team of dedicated experts is trained to rapidly solve any technical issue.
  • Our expertise team is responsible for all logistics and warehousing among other tasks.
  • Airbus Defence and Space provides full fleet logistic and maintenance support to military and civil operators.

MRO Global network


Airbus DS Support Centres are strategically located throughout the world to provide maintenance on our equipment, both in and out of warranty.
Airbus DS Maintenance Centres are all licensed or approved by the appropriate authority within the country they are located, and for the countries they serve.
All our services are oriented to support efficient fleet operation for the successful accomplishment of the mission.
Airbus DS also capitalizes on the Airbus MRO Network and Airbus Training Network to offer a top-quality service.
The experience acquired over the years in providing support to its products and clients enables Airbus Defence and Space to offer a Full in Service Support (FISS®), which guarantees availability at a fixed price per flight hour.
A FISS ®contract guarantees the operator’s peace of mind through the benefits of a customized maintenance and logistics program.