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Communications, Intelligence & Security

Communications, Intelligence & Security

The business line Communications, Intelligence & Security is the new one-stop-shop for satellite and terrestrial communications systems, intelligence and security solutions.

Up to 6M sq.km. per daycovers by constellation SPOT 6/7
24/7 cybersecurityglobal support
A data rate up to 1.8Gb/sthrough laser communication
18 armed forces worldwideserved by our Satellite Communications

Business Areas


Supplier of choice for commercial satellite imagery, C2ISR systems and related services with unrivalled expertise in satellite imagery acquisition, data processing, fusion, dissemination and intelligence extraction allied to significant command and control capabilities.

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Cyber Security

Leading provider of Security Operation Centres, incident response services; cryptography, digital identity management and high-security national solutions and consulting and training services.


Via EDRS-A and EDRS-C communication relay satellites, the SpaceDataHighway will be able to transfer information (images, video, data collected by sensors) from Earth observation satellites, UAVs and surveillance aircraft, or even from a space station such as the ISS.

Satellite Communications

Full portfolio of mobile and fixed satellite communication solutions for application at sea, on land and in the air for any customers: government, military, civil security and enterprises.