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Join us: November 17 – 20, 2015 at Villepinte - Paris, France
Visit our booth: 5L 194

Milipol 2015

Did you know? Milipol is one of the most important exhibitions devoted to security and anti-criminal technologies.

During the Milipol exhibition, we will showcase our leading edge Defence and Security innovations through our latest products, solutions and services dedicated to sovereign security such as:

ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)

  • Our FORTION® MediaMining solution; finding the intelligence needle in the big data haystack
  • Air Surveillance Services, cost-efficient and tailor-made solutions for security and public safety


  • Our newly developed Counter-UAV system (CUS), an effective and mobile response to stop unauthorised UAV flights based on the high performing SPEXER 500 radar (well-known for having the highest precision in its class), combined with the all-weather Surveillance camera NightOwl Z and the VPJ-R4 jammer
  • Cybersecurity made in Europe: with Keelback Net for both fast detection and in-depth analysis of any attempted intrusion, and, Stormshield to block known and unknown threats
 900 Milipol gathers over 900 exhibitors from around fifty different countries each year.
  • The CILAS SLD500 (sniper laser detector), a combat proven sniper detection system working day and night with a range of up to 2,000m

C3 (Command, Control and Communication)

  • Bandwidth Services to achieve high speed broadband network access anywhere on the globe through our constellation of military-grade communication satellites
  • Broadband solution to complement Tetra and Tetrapol radio systems, adding high-speed data transmission capability to voice for public safety and emergency service users
  • POM (Prises d'Otage Multiples), a unique C2 solution developed with practitioners to tackle multiple hostage taking situations


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