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Kazakhstan orders two additional C295 aircraft

This additional order shows the confidence of the country in the aircraft and the growing role of the C295 in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has recently ordered two more C295 aircraft, augmenting its fleet to 8 aircraft of the type. Starting with an initial order of two aircraft, Kazakhstan has subsequently ordered more C295s in three batches of two each.

Kazakhstan with its topography is one of the most demanding areas for an aircraft to operate, with low temperatures of well below -20ÂșC in its main cities during winter months. Under these extreme cold conditions the C295 has shown an exceptional behavior and performance, being one of the main reasons for Kazakhstan to trust in the aircraft type for its daily air transport operations.

The agreement, which includes a spares and support package, covers the final two aircraft included in a memorandum of understanding signed in 2012 that stated the intention of Kazakhstan of buying a fleet of eight C295.

Both aircraft will be delivered in the second half of this year and will take the Kazakhstan Air Defence Forces' C295 fleet to eight and total C295 sales to 186, including 12 in the CIS region.