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Airbus highlights satellite and space solutions at Global Space and Technology Convention

Fast growing Asia-Pacific space market represents huge potential for Airbus Defence and Space

Airbus is participating at the Global Space and Technology Convention (GSTC), taking place in Singapore this week.

The convention is a key event for the Asia-Pacific space and satellites business and is held on an annual basis.

Airbus’s presence at the event included a keynote speech at the opening session this morning by Hugues de Galzain, Head of Sales and Marketing, Space Systems, Airbus Defence and Space. The company also has an exhibition stand where participants can obtain information on the company’s space business. The stand features a model of an earth observation satellite.

During his speech Hugues de Galzain, highlighted Airbus’ proven track record in the satellites business, as seen in the recent successful launch of satellites for customers in Peru and Brazil, as well as the work it did with Singapore’s Teleos-1.

This makes the company well-placed to meet the growing demand from Asia for both earth observation and telecommunication satellites, and to help with the region’s research and development projects on new applications related to the space constellation.

“Across Asia, similar-minded people are tapping the region’s huge potential in terms of developing applications that will ultimately have a benefit on daily lives in this region. I am thinking of topics such as maritime security, environment protection, natural disaster mitigation, forest fire fighting, and last but not least reliable connectivity. To me, that is visionary,” he said during his speech.

He also encouraged Asian participation in the Airbus SpaceDataHighway challenge. This invites proposals for the development of applications, which can take advantage of the laser-based communication system’s ability to transmit large volumes of data in near-real time.

The wining project will receive 75,000 euros investment and draw on the support of Airbus Bizlab, while the second-placed project will receive 25,000 euros to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

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