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A330 MRTT achieves 100 000 flying hours milestone

The A330 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) has achieved its first 100.000 flying hours in operational service. The milestone was passed at the end of December 2016, further demonstrating the platform’s maturity.

The A330 MRTT has been and continues to be engaged in operational missions in combat scenarios by the current four user nations, demonstrating its mature capabilities and both its high availability and mission reliability. The fleet has performed up to date more than 25,000 boom contacts and 50,000 pod contacts.

The A330 MRTT fleet consists of 28 aircraft: 5 for Australia, 3 for the United Arab Emirates, 14 for the United Kingdom (Air Tanker) and 6 for Saudi Arabia. Three of the UK/AirTanker aircraft, which are used for civil operations, have not been taken into account for the 100,000 flight hours milestone.

With additional orders from Australia, Singapore, France, Korea and the MMF there are a total of 51 firm orders from 8 customers. Options for more A330 MRTTs currently exist for France and the MMF.

Various countries are showing interest in the A330 MRTT, and Airbus DS is actively marketing the tanker worldwide. The potential market estimation for long range strategic tankers, such as the A330 MRTT is of around 85 aircraft in the next 10 years (excluding the USA).