Here you can see how Airbus Military, Astrium and Cassidian will merge to become Airbus Defence and Space. The infographics show which products will be part of which business line. This broad range of products turns the new
division into an instant global player. You can click on the “+” symbol to discover in details the range of solutions and products.
Space Systems is the European leader in space, formed from the current Astrium Divisions Space Transportation and Satellites. With its unique expertise, Space Systems will be the global No. 1 for commercial
launchers and the European leader for satellites and orbital systems. The business line will serve institutional customers like ESA, national civil and defence agencies and commercial customers.
Airbus Military and Cassidian units will combine their capabilities for design, development, delivery and support of military aircraft to form the leading fixed military aircraft company in Europe. With Cassidian’s technology portfolio and Airbus Military’s export and development experience, the new business line
will have a broad, world-wide customer base and is well placed to play a leading role in the markets for future unmanned aerial system (UAS) and combat, transport and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) aircraft.
The new “one-stop-shop” of the growing, but increasingly competitive market for satellite and terrestrial communication systems, intelligence and security solutions, is a combination of the Cassidian and Astrium business lines in these fields. The combined portfolios offer innovative, modular, commercially sustainable solutions to best serve a common customer base which includes
governments, defence institutions, security and public safety agencies, critical infrastructure, energy, oil and gas organisations, international transport industries, and commercial customers. The business line serves a growing market which includes institutional customers such as defence or home affairs administrations as well as private businesses.
Cassidian and Astrium’s success is based on the technical excellence of its people and its products. In the past, many electronics businesses were managed like mid- sized companies, ensuring highly agile product sales and global market access. Electronics will support this strategy by building
an operational network for developers within the division. Combining space and defence capabilities will generate added value. Typically, the customers are systems integrators both within the new division as well as outside.